Window Tinting Prices

Looking for window tinting for your car? Look no further than Sydney City Solartint.

Car window tinting can become quite expensive, especially if the installation is done poorly or more commonly by using low quality window films.

Making sure you choose a reputable window tinting company like Sydney City Solartint for your car window tinting will ensure you that not only the installation will be done right the first time, the window films used are the very best available backed by the manufacturers lifetime warranty.

We have a window film to suit everybody, whether you are looking to enhance the appearance, reduce the harmful UV rays, add privacy or reduce the heat from passing through the glass for a more comfortable drive.


What about the price?

Same as when buying a new car, the prices can vary considerably depending on many factors.

Car window tinting films are no different, with films available ranging from your top of the range premium coated and nano ceramic to high performance metalized films, right down to the lower end of the scale for those who are more budget conscious.