Five Important Benefits of Car Window Tinting

Most people consider getting car window tinting to enhance the appearance of their vehicle. As we are about to explain there is more important benefits that most people don’t think about when it comes to car window tinting.


  • Reduce the UV radiation – The sun’s UV radiation is the main cause of skin cancer. UV radiation damage also causes health problems such as sunburn,
    premature ageing and eye damage. By applying any of our Car window tinting films they will reduce the UV rays by
    99% protecting you, your passengers and your car’s interior.
  • Protection from Shattered Glass – Majority of Car windows are made of toughened glass which is designed to shatter upon impact or in the event of an accident. Car window tinting will hold all broken glass shards together and can prevent injuries.
  • Increase Privacy and Security – With multiple visible light transmissions (VLT) available, Car window tinting films can provide privacy and an increased level of security.
  • Sun Damage Protection – The UV rays and the hot Sydney heat can damage the interior of your car. Car window tinting films reduce the heat and block 99% of the damaging UV rays keeping your car interior looking newer for longer.
  • Heat Rejection for Comfortability – Driving your car in Sydney in Summer can be unbearable at times. Our Car window tinting films can reduce the sun’s infrared heat by 91%, making for a more cool and comfortable driving experience and less dependency on your car’s air conditioning which can result in better fuel economy.

Now with this information at your fingertips, we hope you understand there is more benefits to Car Window Tinting then just the way it looks.

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