COVID-19 Guidelines

The health and safety of our customers and staff is a top priority of our business. That’s why, in light of the current coronavirus situation, our business commits to the COVID-19 guidelines set out by our industry body, the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand. These are in accordance with Australian Department of Health recommendations.

General Business Policy

  • Encourage staff and customers to practice social distancing, no hand shaking
  • No employees have recently returned from a country or region that is at high or moderate risk for Covid-19
  • No employees have been in close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus
  • Our employees wash their hands well and frequently using soap and water and dry them with disposable paper
  • While most coughs and sneezes aren’t related to coronavirus, when our staff coughs or sneezes they will: cover with a tissue or into the elbow, dispose used tissues immediately and if possible, use alcohol-based hand sanitiser

Window Film Installation Policy

  • When working on your car or in your home/office, our staff will minimize wherever possible the touching of surfaces and objects
  • If entering your home/office our staff will wear a face mask wherever possible (subject to supply shortages)
  • If entering a home/office our staff will wear powdered gloves and where possible, use alcohol-based hand sanitiser before and after wearing gloves (subject to supply shortages)
  • After installing film to your car or in your home/office, our staff will disinfect all relevant surfaces with a disposable cloth, as per the advice from the Australian Department of Health
  • Our workshop is cleaned regularly, our EFTPOS machine is disinfected after every use and our display counter is cleaned throughout the day

To protect our staff, we ask our customers to please…

  • Let us know immediately if yourself or anyone in your car, home or office is feeling unwell, has a confirmed case or has come into close contact with a confirmed case of the coronavirus
  • Clear the space in front of the windows or clear your car from extraneous items prior to installation of window film to help prevent indirect contact transmission


If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to have your Car, Home or Office windows tinted, contact us today by calling (02) 96622429 or emailing us at [email protected]