Frequently Asked Questions

The only silly question is the one you do not ask!

Q: Do you tint car windows?
A: Yes, we tint cars, homes and offices. Wherever there is glass, we can improve it!

Q: How long will it take to tint my car?
A: It all depends on the type of car and which windows we are tinting.
The 2 front doors will only take between 30-45 minutes, a full vehicle we will need between 1-2 hours.
If there is an existing film that needs to be removed then we may need your car for a full day

Q: Can I wind my windows down straight away?
A: All window films are applied using a water and slip solution. As the film is drying we recommend you leave your car windows wound up for the first 1-2 days. There is also a drying process which can take 1-2 weeks to completely dry out

Q: Is the film applied to the inside or outside of the vehicle?
A: All automotive window films are applied to the inside of the windows

Q: Are your window films the ‘darkest legal’?
A: All our automotive window films are available in the ‘darkest legal’. They are also available in darker and lighter shades

Q: What is the ‘darkest legal’ in NSW?
A: The ‘darkest legal’ window film that can be installed to the 2 front doors of any vehicle in NSW is 35% VLT. Any windows rearward of the driver on passenger vehicles are allowed down to a 20% VLT and trucks, commercial vehicles and buses have no minimum VLT limit on any windows rearward of the driver

Q: Do your films come with a lifetime warranty?
A: Yes they do. All Solartint automotive window films are 100% backed by a manufacturers lifetime warranty against crazing, demetalising, bubbling, peeling or delaminating

Q: Will the film go all the way to the top edge of the window?
A: Yes

Q: Do you come to me or do we bring the car to you?
A: Our fully equipped workshop is dust free and the floor is cleaned regularly to ensure every car is tinted to the high standards we have set ourselves. Car window tinting should be completed in a controlled environment to ensure the cleanest possible installation