Car Window Tinting

Protect your vehicle and the people in it with Solartint car window tinting

Car window tinting will enhance the appearance of your car and is cost effective.
It will also reduce the heat and glare to maintain a level of comfort for you and your passengers.

All window films will provide over 99% UV protection

When it comes to window tinting for your car, we have a film that best suits your needs.
Choosing the right installer should also be high on the list when it comes to window tinting for your car.

Our films represent the ultimate combination of quality, function and style.
Accent the look of your car, while taking advantage of the latest in window film technology.

See below our range of Car Window Tinting films available at Sydney City Solartint

Roam the streets in ultimate privacy with our naturally dyed non-reflective darkest legal window film

Technologically advanced window film providing excellent privacy without any signal interference like standard metals films

Create a more comfortable driving experience by rejecting the infrared rays from the sun with our nano-particle ceramic window film

Combining beauty with sound scientific research, our premium nano-ceramic IR window film will deliver the highest heat rejection without the look of dark tinted windows

Lifetime Warranty

Looking for peace of mind?

All of Solartint’s automotive window films are 100% back by a manufacturers lifetime warranty*