Car window tinting At Sydney City Solartint
we offer non-metallic, hybrid metallic, fully metalized and our exclusive
Premium IR car window tinting films.
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Home window tinting At Sydney City Solartint our
home window tinting films can help
reduce your energy costs.
Cooler in Summer, warmer in Winter.
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Office window tinting At Sydney City Solartint our
office window tinting films offer
high heat & glare reduction whilst adding
a distinguishing or decorative look.
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Welcome to Sydney City Solartint

Sydney City Solartint offers the very best in customer service and window tinting needs for your car, home and office window tinting in Sydney.

We pride ourselves and find inspiration on the back of our appraisals from new and repeat customers in providing excellent customer service, using the highest quality window tinting films.

With many years as a professional window film installer, Kenny has shared his incredible knowledge of window films with his wife Reneè, and together that experience and passion continues to improve the comfort for all valued customers.

Call us today and ask about the benefits of window tinting.

Wherever there is glass, we can improve it!

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